Alan Licht


"C-A-G-E Spells Licht" (2012)
in group show Membra Disjecta for John Cage, Wanting to Say Something About John

Installation View: "Room for Cage", Halberstadt

This is a visual score. The pitches, which are limited to c,a,g, or e, are figurative and should not be sounded. The piece is performed by placing the score in front of a light source. Recommended light sources include lightbulbs, the sun, a lightbox, a tv screen or video monitor. The light source is determined by the conductor; as the score is meant to be exhibited in an art space rather than a concert situation, it would be the curator or gallerist who would serve as the conductor. (I am the composer and light -- my namesake, since "licht"  means "light" in German and Dutch -- is the performer.)

"How Loud Is This (Gallery)"
in group show The String and the Mirror
co-curated by Lawrence Kumpf & Justin Luke
Lisa Cooley Gallery, NYC
August 1--August 28, 2013

"How Loud Is This (Gallery)" is the first realization of a piece that measures the decibel level of a given space using sound level meters. A meter is placed in each room and continually displays the decibel-level of the sound of the room (only total silence is 0 db; the average room "silence" is usually around 40 db, a normal conversation about 60db). Decibel level is something that people are rarely conscious of and usually abstract even if they are aware of it; particularly for this exhibition, it seems appropriate to keep track of the actual sound levels of rooms filled with works concerning either the presence or absence of sound. The piece in some ways continues my interest in volume levels as in my previous work "On Deaf Ears" (2008), in which a recording of a person reading an article about hearing damage caused by excessive playback volume on iPod aloud was looped on outdoor speakers, but was only audible to those who walked directly in front of the speakers (the article notes that New Yorkers listen to music on their iPods almost 13 decibels louder than the street or subway noise around them, in other words thirteen times as loud).


"Cross Promotion"
Diapason Gallery & Audiovisual Arts Gallery, NYC
November 6--28, 2010

AVA Archive

On Deaf Ears
Audiovisual Arts Gallery, NYC
November 14--December 6, 2009

AVA Archive

"A New York Minute"
in Frenz
Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia
June 18--August 30, 2009

Fleisher/Ollman Archive

"Twilight of the Idols"
as a temporary installation within Andrew Lampert's film installation "Varieties of Slow"
Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC
(October 30, 2008)

"A New York Minute"
in group show Detourism
Orchard Gallery, NYC (2007)

"City Geese, Country Geese" & "Twilight of the Idols"
Diapason, NYC (2003)

"Twilight of the Idols" on Ubuweb

"Today I Am A Fountain Pen"
Studio Five Beekman, NYC (October, 1998)

"The Downsizing of Don Dokken"
part of Constrictions group show
Pierogi 2000, Brooklyn (1996)


Ear to the Page
co-curated with James Hoff
Center for Book Arts, NYC
September 22 - December 4 2010

Review of Artist's Talk with Kenneth Goldsmith & Allen Ruppersberg, co-moderated with James Hoff

Inside Out
Radar Festival
Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico City
March--May 2009


The Headphones Show
Abrons Arts Center, NYC
November 13 2008--January 9, 2009

Postcard Images
Abrons Archive
Curator's statement

Pianoless Vexations
Sculpture Center, NYC
June 11, 2006

Full audio documentation at Ubuweb